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I ran out of fairy dust... otherwise I'd just fly

Gorgeous chandelier! So much sparkle!  (at Chicago The Musical)

Gorgeous chandelier! So much sparkle! (at Chicago The Musical)

Kitties on mom’s porch =^.^= #somuchcute #kitties #omg

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If you have any love for elephants, go to this link



If you live in Oregon and have never been to Cougar Hot Springs, you are missing out. 

Well, then. I’ll go.


ABED MAHFOUZ Couture Fall/Winter 2011/2012


ohhh shiiit!

ohhh shiiit!

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hey everyone please follow and spread the news about my new blog 

I am actually making it blog style, and the theme is kinda self explanatory by the title, movies and theatre :) I would like to actually get some followers for it and some input please.  Should be fun, it started out as a project for one of my communication classes but now I would like to actually keep it up for awhile.  drop by and check it out and click on the posts for some fun facts and my personal opinions about various people, productions, and movies.  thanks!

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So cool!!! #magic #fire #cool #funfact #needit

So cool!!! #magic #fire #cool #funfact #needit

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Those little inspiring feminist moments in Disney


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Woop! Woop!

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I now like Drake lol more than I did anyway, he seems like a cool guy… Plus he’s easy on the eyes ;D

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"I’m such a fool I can’t be free!”

This actually hurts. Because at this point in the movie that’s exactly how Elsa sees herself. As a villain.

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Sorry Elsa, you don’t qualify

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Cool lol :)

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my name is KyLene RaNell, some call me Ky. I'm in love with theater and film, I love acting but I would also like to break into directing, radio & makeup. However, at the moment I'm going to school to be an English teacher. Caramel frappuchinos, weird animals, amazing photography, cool hats, old cars, graffiti, and sarcasm make me smile. My likes in music genres range from '50s to '70s music, Godsmack, ADTR, Glamour of The Kill & Evanescence, Broadway musicals, pop, country, hip hop, dubstep, to even Frank Sinatra and big band swing. I would consider myself pretty well traveled having been to several countries in Europe as well as Belize, Guatemala, Jamaica, Aruba, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and a number of the states as well. I enjoy dancing around randomly and blasting music with the windows down while driving and singing along. I quite dislike the dark and Jersey Shore. Mae West, Walt Disney, Robin Williams, Dr. Seuss, and Groucho Marx are some of my favorite people ... I can also wiggle my ears which I find to be quite entertaining



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